Ready for a Simulated Head Wound?

When it comes to gaming, I'm all for getting the most realistic experience possible. I don't actually WANT my head ripped off by the giant zombie monster-but I sure wouldn't mind some sort of sensory augmentation to the actions that are taking place on the screen.

TN Games has made some pretty dramatic forays into this area. The HTX Helmet is a great example.

This little whopper delivers the sensation of bullets zipping past your head. Pretty cool. What's a bit more disturbing to me, however, is that it also emulates blows to the head. So... if you get shot in the head, this thing is gonna pop you in the noggin. Ouch.

Due in 2009, the HTX Helmet is touted as giving accurate, three-dimensional impacts using jets of air.

This is the same technology used in TN Games' 3rd Space Gaming Vest, and is in fact designed as a companion piece to this item. Linked together, these gaming accessories should deliver a one-two punch that may leave the player reeling.

The downside is that the helmet and vest only work with a small number of games-though that is sure to change as the "pummeling the gamer" technology takes off. And I can't see how it wouldn't, as all gamers want the same thing: an immersive experience.

I'm actually looking forward to the blunt-force trauma that this thing can deliver. However, I'm sort'a worried about when I get that first special shot to the head...

Sources: TN Games and FPS Admin

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Dec 9, 2008
by Cosetta
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Video gane helmet

Hi John-

I think as far as I am concerned at least, I need a simulated video game! LOL

What won't they think of next?

 cool post.


Happy Patent,


Dec 10, 2008
by John P. Barker
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I'm quite curious about how intense this thing could get.  I mean, should I be sitting down while using it???  LOL