The Real Fastest Pickup in the World

On April 1, BMW introduced what it called "the world's fastest pickup," a prototype pickup car based on its M3. Only problem with that was it wasn't real. It was a rather elaborate April Fool's prank, a prototype that BMW developed as a big "gotcha" on auto journalists and car fans.

As much as we appreciate BMW's dedication to a good joke, the fact that the M3 pickup car isn't actually a real car, leaves us wondering: what is the world's fastest pickup? 

Well, a new contender for that title is the LupiniPower Chevy SuperUte SS. A South African tuner, Lupini equipped its creation with a 535-hp 6.0-liter supercharged V8, making it significantly more powerful than the 414-hp BMW. It installed bigger front brakes to reign those 535 horses in and tuned the suspension to ensure that they're put to the best use on the street. The SuperUte also has 20-inch wheels and Bridgestone Potenza RE050 ultra-high performance tires. 

Performance comes up well short of BMW's claims, but is still pretty impressive for a pickup. The car tops out at 175 mph, hits 60 mph in just under 5 seconds and hits 100 mph in 9.9 seconds. 


 BMW's timing played right into Lupini's hands. The tuner used all the hype around BMW's prank to pitch its own offering, with company chief Michele Lupini saying: "It is hugely gratifying to note that M has taken note of a need for such top-end pick-up vehicles, although we do also need to point out that SuperUte is certainly no joke - our development cycle is now close to being completed and we'll soon be ready to deliver."

The limited edition Ute will cost $91,500. That's certainly no joke. 

Via: World Car Fans 


Jun 28, 2011
by Anonymous

car and pickup in one

In my opinion, the design of this pickup car is not my type. I don't like the combination look of its car parts and pickup parts. But many people still appreciate this vehicle because they said it is more economical, gentle, and easy to drive.

Dec 28, 2011
by Anonymous

Glorified Malloo

Gotta love it, Holden Australia design, build and improve utes for over 50 years, unsupported by GM or Chevrolet. Then a pack of South Africans take the car, up the superchargers boost pressure, then run around saying they've built the worlds fastest ute and that's the story the press picks up. It's not even proven, the production world record still stands as being held by the Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) Maloo ute.

Lumini haven't "built" anything. This is a Holden SS ute with some minor go fast modifications. Bolting on new wheels, brakes and traction bars does not a builder make... I'd in fact be very keen to see how much Lumini's "Racing" modificiations look like the HSV designed and manufactured gear being used on the Maloo.

Don't write me off as a hater... I'm all for competition, but this isn't competition, its like a customer turning up the boost on the Veyron then running around saying their company just built the fastest car in the world. At this very point in time GM are umming and ahhing about closing down the engineering divisions in Australia, the same division that designed and built the platforms for this ute, the Pontiac GTO and G8, the Chevy Camaro, the Calais and essentially every decent RWD V8 that GM make. Now thanks to GM America driving itself into the ground the holden design houses are highly likely to be carved up as they're the only profitable ones left and GM america want to hijack their credibility to cover up their own tattered reputations. Holden needs its hero cars, it needs to keep its profile up so that GM cant afford to just carve it up whenever it needs an easy fix for its own mistakes... companies like Lumini should be deeply ashamed of trying to cash in like this without giving due credit to the divisions responsible for creating it. They're a tuning company towing the GM line by always referring to the Holden as a Chevy, nothing more.