Real Racing from Your Own Living Room

Each time a gaming platform comes out, the graphics get better. The most recent (XBOX360 and PS3) almost make you feel like you are in the game. So what does that leave for the next generation of gaming? How about racing right alongside you favorite driver?

The company behind this brilliant idea is iOpener Media and although they have no intention of building the system, they are willing to sell the technology to developers. The final result would be having the ability to sit in your own house and race against the pro's without the risk of wrecking or the like.

To accomplish this, iOpener uses the highly accurate GPS signals from the cars and sends that data to a computer that has the track pre-programed into it. According to the developers, it can accurately judge the vehicles position on the track to within 30 centimeters.

Of course there will still be areas where it is obvious you aren't really there. First and foremost, the pro's won't be able to see you or react to your movements. They can however put you into a wall with just the slightest bump, which is something else you won't be able to do. The game will also incorporate an engine that will create life-like crashes and mimic the overtaking maneuvers seen on the track.

The system has already been tested on an F1 car so this could become the hottest selling Christmas Gift for 2008.

Source : BBC