Really Groovy Dishes From Designer Ross McBride

Sometimes just having the perfect tools is an excuse for an occasion. Like when you purchase a new barbecue grill, it's an excuse to invite friends over for a cookout. What better excuse to "dish" with a pal than these groovy dishes from Ross McBride, now designing from his studio in Tokyo.

McBride's Grooveware is a foursome of porcelain tableware, three dishes and an ashtray, with sculpted grooves for flatware and matchboxes.




Sushi, anyone? This lovely 8" plate comes with its own pair of chopsticks!



A tad smaller, the 7" groovy desert dish comes with its own fork.



The Grooveware saucer, about 16.25", comes with a spoon, but you will have to find your own cup! I would love to see a matching cup grooved with a pair of lips, but is that too corny?


And smoking, still de rigueur in Japan, necessitates this ashtray, grooved for a fancy matchbox.



There was a time when the Grooveware foursome would have made perfect place settings for myself and a BFF. Sushi, a light cake and tea, followed by a long drag or two on a cigarette, would have been a perfect lunch to dish over... but now, I'd have to pass on the ashtray.

Groovy Grooveware though!


NormalDesign via GNR8 Pipeline