RealRyder ABF8 Takes Exercise Bikes to the Next Level

There's long been something lacking about exercise bikes. In fact, it's more like everything is lacking. They take a potentially exhilerating, high-speed, wind-in-your-face sport, pull out everything fun and useful about it and boil it down until it's just pure work. Biking in place just isn't that fun or enjoyable. It also isn't getting you to work.

If you agree, the RealRyder ABF8 may change your mind. In addition to the monotonous pedal-spinning that the average exercise bike recreates, the RealRyder also invites the spinner to balance, steer and lean into turns. ABF stands for Articulating Bicycle Frame, which features a series of links and pivot points designed to realistically simulate the feel and movement of an actual bike. Perhaps the creators forgot that there's no reason to steer when you're not actually going anywhere, but maybe if you close your eyes tight enough you can imagine you're cornering a tight 60 MPH turn in the Tour.

In addition to providing a more stimulating exercise routine, the ABF8 gives the rider a better workout and actively uses more muscles than a traditional exercise bike, including the upper body and core. The bike is also supposed to help develop a better sense of balance. While the bike may seem like the perfect at-home, off-season solution, the $1995 price tag may mean it'll be more of a gym-based indulgence.

If you paired this bike up with realistic virtual reality cycling or mountain biking courses, this would be a clear addiction. Until then, I'll stick to biking outside. But, if you currently use an exercise bike, this bike is certainly an improvement and could take your routine to the next level.

 Sources: RealRyder via Oh Gizmo!