ReardonSmith: Underground Hotel Won’t Be Visible To The Naked Eye!

I don't know what you think of when you picture a relaxing retreat into nature, but a new unique hotel promises to be more ecologically friendly and provide a unique vacation experience.

Underground HotelUnderground Hotel

The ReardonSmith Underground Hotel has a name that is fairly self-explanatory, and the idea is to help visitors really get in touch with nature; or perhaps replicate that underground trip that people typically only take after death. It's not ready for visitors just yet, but once it's completed the rooftop at ground level will have beautiful gardens, and even the parking lot will be hidden from sight below the soil.

The ReardonSmith will be a full-service hotel with all of the luxuries any would expect, but since it will be virtually hidden from sight to those driving up to it; those planning on a stay might need to write down the directions first.

Via: TrendHunter