Rebuild Mankind’s Most Famous Cities Via 4D Cityscape Puzzles!

Here’s a clever puzzle that history, architecture and puzzle buffs will all appreciate: Can you remake major urban sprawls as they were in 1876? 1952? 1988? 2013?


4D Cityscapes are intricate puzzles that utilize the fourth dimension to force players to think and consider how some of the world’s largest and most influential cities were built and refined over the years. For example, the first step to reshape Las Vegas would be to study the many tiny puzzle pieces provided to reform the complex streets, alleyways, boulevards and avenues that compose the Vegas strip and the surrounding area. Once you’ve laid the foundation of Sin City, you’ll raise its various landmarks in chronological order.


The puzzle’s detailed instructions clearly show when each detailed landmark needs to be added to your 4D map to complete each era. If you want to complete Las Vegas up through 1993, you will need to discover which and where iconic historic attractions need to be placed throughout the city before topping off your era-spanning puzzle with the gigantic gleaming black pyramid formally known as the Luxor Las Vegas hotel and casino.


Between the puzzle’s fine details (The streets glow in the dark as they would at nighttime!), ability to consume an entire evening with co-puzzlers and incredible amount of educational value that each model provides to its builders, 4D Cityscapes appear to be a fresh and fun take on classic brain teasers. They have a huge backlog of metropolitan areas to choose from including New York City, Toronto, Sydney, London, Tokyo and many other original styles in the series, so you’ll want to click here to see the entire line of 4D Cityscapes.


Every intelligent puzzle and toy has to come from some brilliant inventor, so if you like to challenge someone’s critical thinking on a regular basis, puzzle making might be right up your alley!

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