Recession-Friendly Crowd Sprout Lets Parents Team Up To Receive Group Discounts On Children’s Products

New business, Crowd Sprout, offers new parents the benefits of bulk buying, without requiring them to fit the full bill. Bulk discount businesses have been popularized by businesses like Costco, but require that consumers purchase many of one item. Since very few families need six of the same Kettler scooter, Crowd Sprout allows new and expecting parents the option to team up in order to receive group discounts.

Like any other online shopping business, Crowd Sprout allows parents to browse to find the children's products they require. However, unlike most websites which strictly list the sale price, Crowd Sprout tells you how much the product will cost if it gets a certain number of interested buyers by a set date. For example, the Kettler Thunder scooter has a list price of $59 (a 54% savings from other retailers); however, the catch is that at least 3 buyers must sign up in order for parents to make their purchases from the site at a discount. Visitors to the site can browse the team-up listings, although Crowd Sprout does encourage its consumers to find others to join each buying group; a natural enticement since no one gets to buy unless they meet the quota listed by the deadline.

Consumers who join a buying group aren't obligated to make a purchase from Crowd Sprout until the quota of interested consumers is reached by the set deadline, and site users are also able to retract their desire to purchase at any stage if the required group-buying numbers have yet to be met.

Group buying from businesses like Crowd Sprout are recession friendly, and by helping new parents save; Crowd Sprout is an innovative concept that's good for the economy.

Via: Springwise