Recolo Time Lapse Digital Recorder Camera Speeds Up Your Life

The colorful, compact and easy to use Recolo time lapse digital recorder lets you make like David Attenborough in the privacy of your very own home, yard or garden. Compress any time period you choose, be it a single day or an entire month, and let the Recolo record away, rain or shine.

Yes, rain: the camera is designed to be weather-proof though it's not completely waterproof, as in don't use it to monitor algae growth at the bottom of your swimming pool. Monitoring other types of growth is A-OK, however, and that's where the Recolo Interval Recorder really comes into its element. Got a school project like growing beans, sprouting an avocado seed or planting a Chia Pet? Recolo, baby, Recolo!

The camera is fully digital and that's the key to producing professional quality time-lapse AVI format videos at home. It runs on two AA batteries (included) but you'll have to buy an SD or SDHC card on your own. With an SD card you can record up to 2G, expanding to 16GB with an SDHC card.

Operating the camera is a cinch: just set the time lapse interval you want, select the optimum frame rate for your purposes, set the recording mode at either Normal, Vivid or Monochrome, and you're good to go. You can also create stop-action animations if that's what you're into.

The Recolo Interval Recorder comes in your choice of Orange or White outer case and includes a handy-dandy tripod, which makes it look sorta like a robotic explorer from another planet sent here to document the growth rates of terrestrial flora. Not quite EVE from WALL-E but not too shabby for Compact Impact's $122.50 asking price.

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