Recon Jet: Heads Up Display For Athletes

Recon JetRecon Jet

Fitness trackers have been all over the market in the last couple of years. Google Glass has created a stir of its own. Now, meet the Recon Jet--a cross between the two. This device is a wearable computer with an emphasis on athletics and fitness, and at $599 it is giving Google Glass a literal "run for its money."

The Recon JetThe Recon Jet

So here's the run-down on the Jet. It is, of course, a wearable computer, so you can access Andriod and iPhone apps with the device, and you'll have an optical touchpad, camera, microphone, speakers and all of that other jazz you can expect with computers--no really big surprises there. However, the optical touchpad was made to function in all sorts of conditions, like rain, sun, snow, wind, the fires of Mount Doom (kidding). The Jet's lens is also polarized to reduce glare. 

Like I said, the makers of the Recon Jet meant to market their product to athletes (hence the polarized lens), so it also comes equipped with an on board GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, altimeter and thermometer. This means you can track your speed, distance, pace, ascent/descent and more. You can also connect with various Bluetooth, ANT+ and WiFi devices like, of course, your smartphone, but also heart rate monitors, power meters and cadence sensors. And the Jet's tracker app, Recon Engage, lets you keep up with your stats and progress. 

Recon HUD For AthletesRecon HUD For Athletes

The best thing about the Recon Jet may just be that, in addition to being a hybrid fitness tracker/wearable computer, it isn't Google Glass. It doesn't cost an arm and a leg (or the $1,500 that Glass will run you) and it won't lock you into Google's cloud apps that spread your info throughout the company's software system like an airborne virus. The Recon Jet may just be Google Glass's better-looking, more athletic, younger brother. For more information you can go to Recon's site.