Record Calls And In-Person Conversations With JIC

There is new technology out on the market that will greatly aid journalists, secret agents and office workers who want to bust the bullies.

Called JIC (Just In Case), this is the world’s first iPhone case that will let you record calls and actual conversations you have with people, according to its team of inventors based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

JIC is now available for iPhone 5 and above, and it’s a great tool for people who need to document important conversations – both good and bad.

“JIC was born out of a clear and compelling need to provide a solution to the iPhone's greatest weakness – recording conversations in real time,” says John Davis, who is heads up the strategy division for JIC.

“Almost 1 billion iPhones are in circulation in the world and none of them are able to easily record conversations. We invested a full year of development in order to create the ultimate iPhone complement and now we are thrilled to finally provide users the opportunity to complete their iPhone."

“With app or conference call solutions, users have to connect to an external server prior to recording,” says Oshri Farhat, who is JIC’s CEO.  “In fact, most times you want to record, you don't realize this in advance.  With Just in Case, users can instantly record 100's of hours of conversations whenever they want.”

JIC Is Your New Friend And Life Saver

JIC is a slim and nicely designed case that offers a play and record feature. It comes in five different colors: red, yellow, green, blue and black.

JIC is technology that is perfect for important calls with your landlord, boss, and it will come in handy during business calls and meetings where critical interactions and details are provided.

This new cutting-edge case is great too for journalists doing interviews – everything is documented. And it’s great for the office worker getting the “bullying calls” from the lowlife at work. Even better, secret agents and police officers can use this device to capture conversations that will help break a case. And for the average person this new recording device will come in handy when talking to the shady landlord who is full of false promises. With JIC, everything is recorded and it serves as your new personal witness.

With the touch of a button you can capture all your important and even precious moments instantly. JIC is also great as a verbal scrap book, dream catcher, student assistant, idea bank, musician helper and verbal-to-do-list.

All your audio files recorded – on the phone and in-person – are storied on JIC’s 2GB microSD card. Each conversation is timestamped and stored into a log-file that can be quickly accessed on your iPhone.

Is JIC Legal?

With the launch of JIC, many are curious about the legalities surrounding its use.

“The case is a separate device from the smartphone itself and is therefore just like any other multi-purpose recording device such as a pen, watch, thumb drive, key chain, etc,” explains Farhat. “Recording devices are legal to sell and own in the US, but the legality of use of such devices for recording conversations in various situations depends on particular state law.”

He adds, “The case will ship with a clear disclaimer that the user is responsible for clarifying his/her state’s law and adhering to it. The RCFP’s state-by-state guide to recording laws provides a recent, comprehensive introduction to US recording laws but it is meant only as a general introduction and individuals who have further questions about the legality of recording in various situations should contact an attorney in their state.”

Here are the tech specs for JIC

Audio recording:
Built-in microphone: omnidirectional recording
Recording modes: MP3 (.mp3/mono)
Recording time (2 GB memory card): minimum 20 hours

Speaker type: built-in rectangular speaker
Speaker dimension: 11x15x3.5 mm
Acoustic frequency response: 300-15,000 Hz
-Speaker output power: 500 – 1000 mW

The cost for JIC is $29.99 and if you need to record some phone calls or conversations then you will want to get your hands on this new technology.

JIC is affordable and is a powerful new tool for everyday citizens.

While JIC is now on the market, the big question is this: how will certain US states deal with its citizens using this new technology?

And will phone calls and in-person conversations recorded actually stand up as evidence in court?