Recovery Sling Provides Double Duty On Your Broken Bones

The ideal scenerio is that you never experience the searing pain of a broken arm. But if you happen to have the displeasure of this particular ailment, the Recovery Sling would be a handy little accessory to have in your arsenal. Brought to us by designers Sungjoon Kim, Seunghee Son, Sook-kyung Lee & Yonghee Cho, the Recovery Sling is a pretty simple but intuitive idea: when you first break your arm, it provides a sling to hold it up and when you begin to recover, the same sling serves as a means of physical therapy, helping you to exercise your muscles back up to form. 


The sling can be adjusted to hold the arm in place or into a variety of exercise configurations that work the biceps, deltoids, pronator muscles and wrist muscles. Inside, a spring-based rolling mechanism, similar to the one that controls a vehicle's seatbelt, allows you to shorten and lengthen the straps as needed and lock them in place.

Since this baby is still just a design, we'd recommend that you continue avoiding breaking your arm. 

Via: Yanko Design