Recreate The Battle Of Reach & Beyond With Halo Mega Bloks!

If there’s one thing that the toy isle needs, it’s more thoughtfully crafted playthings based on truly great videogames. Thankfully, Mega Bloks continues to give me and the countless fans of Microsoft’s Halo series exactly what we want with a huge lineup of brilliantly designed vehicles and characters!


 Covenant WraithCovenant Wraith


Whether you enjoyed the giant, Skittles-colored Spartan warriors, robotic Forerunners, grotesque Flood parasites or the various factions of the Covenant the most, a huge helping of the Halo universe is represented in their Mega Bloks incarnations. I can’t help but to love how Mega Bloks handled the gorilla/rhino/bear-like Brutes, their iconic savage weaponry and their awesome over-the-top Brute Chopper vehicle- I’m sure that other Halo fans will appreciate building their own favorite futuristic UNSC Scorpion tanks, Warthogs as well as Covenant Wraiths and Banshees, while decking them out with their little human and alien riders.


 Brute ChopperBrute Chopper


Although I can’t hide my affiliation for those nasty gravity hammer wielding Brutes, many of the other detailed Mega Bloks models look like they were ripped right out of the Xbox titles that inspired them. Take the huge six wheeled UNSC Mammoth for example, this behemoth was designed to store other vehicles such as the Warthog inside, while keeping the profile, bulk and weaponry of this intimidating mobile control center.


 UNSC MammothUNSC Mammoth


It doesn’t matter if you go as big as the incredible “Froward Unto Dawn” frigate model, or as small as the character packs featuring individual Elites, ODST soldiers and goofy Grunts, Halo fans of any age will certainly want to have one of these brilliant toys to build, play with and proudly display. Although if I were to have some of these Halo Mega Bloks, I’m sure that people would wonder why the Brute Chieftain’s Chopper is parked on top of Master Chief…

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Dec 10, 2013
by Anonymous

Yeah because 17 year olds

Yeah because 17 year olds play with blocks