Recycle Your Phones For Haiti Thanks To ReCellular

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On January 14, 2010, shortly after the terrible earthquake in Haiti, ReCellular announced their disaster relief program and partnership with the American Red Cross. Not only will this innovative program fund help to thousands of people in Haiti, it will also keep old cell phones out of the landfill. It's an easy, eco-friendly and inexpensive way for anyone to help.


Recellular's cell phone contribution will be 100% of the phone value and will be given directly to the American Red Cross to aid Haiti victims in their time of need. Shipping of the cell phones is free. The mailing label can be downloaded from the phones for Haiti website and printed then taped onto the container in which the phones will be mailed. Te mailing label can be printed on recycled paper and the container can be a recycled box or mailing package.


In addition, Phone for Haiti, has a fan page on the popular social networking site Facebook. Here followers can get the latest updates on what their recycling efforts have done for Haiti. To sign up for the fan page click here. For more information about Recellular click here. For more information about Phones for Haiti and or a mailing label click here


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