Recycled and Reclaimed Shelves: Decorative and Useful

My husband and I are spring cleaning our home and garage. In doing so we have realized storage units would come in very handy for organizing our stuff. Below is a list of unique storage ideas I came across in my search for making shelves out of recycled material.

1. Abstract Dresser


via 3ringsvia 3rings

I would love to have this unique dresser in my bedroom. Rob Southcott designed it with locally produced reclaimed wood. Up against a newly painted (with earth-friendly paints) wall this dresser would serve as a dresser as well as décor. It is visually appealing and useful. I’ve always loved furniture with a lot of compartments.

2. Apple Crates Bookshelf


via baileysvia baileys

I find this shelving unit to be interesting. The idea is so simple and yet very few of us would ever pass up a bunch of crates like these and imagine them as a shelving unit. I suppose you could also turn these into planters.

3. Sink Wall


via superusevia superuse

The sink wall is very unique. It is made out of 18 twelve-inch deep double tub stainless steels sinks. The shelf is both a wall as well as a storage unit. It is designed to be a wall between to rooms and it is designed to rotate. I would use this storage unit to go right between my dining room and living room. Since it can rotate I would still have easy access to both rooms.


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These round bookshelves designed by Eric Guiomar are made out of cardboard. I think they would look great in any room. I would probably put one in every room. In the kitchen I would shelve spices and cookbooks. In my office I would use it to shelve all my resource books and some family pictures. In the kids rooms I would decorate one with a few stuffed toys and of course children’s books.

5. All Around Bookshelf


via Inhabitatvia Inhabitat

I’m not sure how this shelving unit designed by Daan Roosegaarde’s would fit in my home. It appears to take up a lot of space, which I don’t have. Still the design is fun, unique and planet friendly. It could fit well in a larger home in a child’s room with a lot of space perhaps or in a library in the children’s section. 

have any ideas of your own? Share them below. 

Jun 12, 2009
by Anonymous

round cardboard bookshelf

seems cool, though is it easy to clean? Is it durable?
Sinkwall wouldnt it be better to have it look and be as an ordinary door but with shelfs and a door in a door so the things dont fall out also no matter how many papers and/or books you put there it wont get heavier to open the ordinary way.