Recycled Box Cowboy Hats Just in Time For a Drunken Halloween













Want to be a cowboy this Halloween? I don’t blame you. Cowboys can be awfully sexy. Lucky for you, here is a way to show some love and loyalty to your favorite beer company and be an eco-friendly cowboy at the same time. 

Now, I’m not promoting drinking, but I am suggesting that if you are going to drink, first drink responsibly (don’t drink and drive) and second show your favorite beer company how loyal and how eco-friendly you can be by wearing one of these Recycled Beer Box Cowboy Hats. “Crafted in the U.S. from actual beer boxes made with specially-coated, moisture-resistant cardboard and reinforced edging these Beer Box Hats are durable and ready to take on almost anything you can imagine.”

Coors Light Beer Box Hat or Miller Light Beer Box Hat are the only brands available from this website as of now, but there is nothing to keep you from encouraging your favorite beer company to be included in the options. Send them pictures of you and your friends in a beer box hat. Check out the hats here

If you want a hat with less of a boxy look and with more beer brand options check out Texas Beer Hats. Texas Beer Hats does carry a few more options of recycled beer box cowboy hats. Check them out here

Custom Beer Box Hats sells Beer Box Hats too, but they also provide the option of making your own via the instructions and template from their e-book. Take a look here .

Ready to put on your Beer Box Hat, slip on some jeans, and knock back those boots this Halloween? Good, but don’t forget to recycle your beer cans too. Put them in the recycling bin and have them picked up with your curbside recycling or take it to a recycling center yourself (when you are sober) and earn back a few of those dollars you chugged down not too long ago.

Via Great Green Goods

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Oct 2, 2008
by Anonymous


They don't have Pabst Blue Ribbon? Who doesn't like PABST BLUE RIBBON?

Oct 17, 2008
by Anonymous

I wore a beer cowboy hat last year

Only it was Dr Pepper