Recycled Computer Key Cell Phone Charms from Japan


What's the key to your obsession? Is it Home, Escape or dare I say... Insert? These cool computer keyboard key phone charms from Japan instantly lend a dash of geek chic to your persona while also marking you as a concerned environmentalist. Yes, the keys are salvaged from junked keyboards!

Strapya World in Tokyo is selling what they call the Reused Keyboard Key Cell Phone Strap in a number of packages: single, double & triple key sets, a "long" key like Shift or Backspace, and a version with an integral elastic cord to give you a better grip on your cell phone. The keys are backed with new metal that incorporates a loop to attach to a strap and/or other keys so you can make a chain.

Of particular note to non-Japanese is that the keys are sourced from domestic keyboards, meaning many of the keys have both alphanumeric and Japanese hiragana characters on them. Now THAT's cool!

All of the keyboard charm packages cost between 499 yen and 855 yen, keeping them comfortably under $10 per item.Strapya is also selling a related line of cell phone screen cleaners also shaped like long-style keyboard keys, but those aren't recycled. Still cool though.

Update: This item is no longer available.