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Recycled Fashion and The Designers: Gary Harvey

Fashion designers, eco-conscious or not, are picking up on this eco-trend, taking a risk and taking vintage couture design to a higher level. Take Gary Harvey , for example, he can take a pair of jeans, newspaper, trench coats, army jackets or wedding dresses and turn them into stylish vintage ball-gowns that would make any eco-conscious princess hopeful for a greener and prettier place.

Gary Harvey is the former Creative Director of Levi Strauss and Dockers Europe designer for Levi's. He began designing his environmentally friendly dresses during a freelance fashion campaign. He needed something dramatic for a shoot so he took 42 pairs of Levi's 501's and made them into a dress. He has continued designing eco-fashion since.

His first collection of eco-designs was showcased in February of this year at London Fashion Week for Estethica. Estethica "is the hotspot for ethical fashion, where designers will show collections founded on ecological and organic principles." Take a look at his collection here.

He doesn't just recycle clothing to make his innovative designs either. This one dress to the left was made with cans, bottle tops and cardboard boxes.

What else will Gary Harvey come with in the future? Only Gary Harvey knows, but I would like to see him make a dress out of flip flops, curtains, mini blinds or even carpet.

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Via Treehugger and Telegraph

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