Recycled Fire Hose Shoulder Bags are Hot, Wet & Green!


Fire hoses are designed to be tough, rugged and durable - ideal qualities when they're in use but a drawback when their lifetimes have ended. What to do?

Patina Japan viewed the situation with some, er, alarm and decided to do something about it. Ironically, the same characteristics that make fire hoses great at what they're designed for also makes them the perfect material for carry bags. Think about it... fire hoses don't rip, they need to be flexible in harsh environments and they have to be waterproof (of course). Just the things you want in a shoulder back or, especially, a laptop computer case.



Several styles of recycled fire hose shoulder bags are available for purchase at the Patina Japan website. Many proudly bear "battle scars" from their long and noble service saving lives and homes, others display cool industrial numbers and lettering that add to their allure and uniqueness. Wanna be a "hoser"? Prices are in the 12,000 to 14,000 yen (about $145) range; learn more at the Patina Japan website. (via Japan For Sustainability and Japan Probe)