Recycled Oil Pendants: Conversation Piece For Oil Dispute And Natural Protector

With what's happening in New Orleans, there's no reason to discuss the oil debate, but before the issue came to a head, a pair of designers decided to team up in order to create a conversation piece necklace that's fashionable and gets people talking.

Crude Oil NecklaceCrude Oil Necklace

 The Crude Oil Pendant by Alexandra Cassaniti has just a few drops of recycled oil contained in its vial. It can act as a conversation piece, since of course, when you step out in this unique jewelry, without a doubt there will be someone to ask what that black stuff is. That may segway into a discussion about the oil crisis. Of course, you could also see it from the perspective, that while recycled, you're contributing to the purchase of oil. 

Recycled Oil PendantRecycled Oil Pendant

Aside from the oil crisis, this pendant that contains crude oil is also said to offer protection- ironic, isn't it?

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May 30, 2010
by Anonymous

Users might want to be

Users might want to be careful- while the pendants might protect against oil, they'll need an online scanner to protect their computer. The maker's website is loaded with viruses.