Recycling Is Beautiful: Bottle Cap Art

In January of this year I introduced you to Alexandra Guerrero the Chilean designer who recycles cigarette butts into clothing. Today I introduce you to Tom Deininger. Tom also upcycled cigarette butts into something: art. In fact, he recycles a lot of found objects (cigarette butts, toys, bottle caps, etc) into art.

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Take a close look at Tom Deininger artwork, or pictures of his art work, a good close look, and you will notice how every detail is a piece of trash. I don’t mean that in a mean way. Take a look at his amazing self portrait on the homepage of his website. Hair is made of wire. The mouth and face and the skin are made up of plastic toy pieces, bottle caps, doll body parts, etc.

In another self-portrait sculpture,  “No studio trash was taken out for two months. The size of the self portrait was determined by trash.” This speaks volumes about our waste and how we could reuse it if we just used our head. The cigarette butts for his Seashell sculpture are littered butts found at parking lots near the beach in Rhode Island.

Tom Deininger “Filter Rabbit” is completely compromised of unraveled filters of littered cigarettes. This unraveled filters of littered cigarettes gives the rabbit a furry appearance, so it looks cute, but it smells of tobacco. He could never belong on my Delightful Earth Friendly Bunnies list.

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Tom’s “mendalas”, he calls them Statistics, are the most interesting to me. Made out of everyday object, usually discard because of their inability to be easily recycled, he takes bottle caps and tops of all different shapes, sizes and colors and he turns them into art.  I have seen a lot of bottle cap art lately, but none as colorful or as eye catching as this. “Bottle caps were arranged on the floor to form mendalas. The number of caps used and the rings created by the design denote specific statistics. Such as the total days Tom has lived.”

For more information on Tom Deininger and his artwork take a look at his website or visit his visual blog here

Via Greenupgrader and Tom Deininger