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Red Bull Has Competition From Anti-Energy Drink Company Slow Cow!

Energy drinks might be all the rage, but not everyone wants an instant pick me up; or rather, there are just some people that shouldn't have one. With this in mind, a new company has created the anti-energy drink to help tone down the hyperactive.

Slow Cow is the exact opposite of the energy drinks that cause hyperactivity, anxiety and the jitters. The anti-energy drink contains ingredients like theanine, chamomile, valerian, passiflora and other ingredients known for their calming effects. Slow Cow promises to help people destress and relax, while increasing mental awareness at the same time. 

And yes it's true; the Canadian company is taking a dig at their top energy drink competitor with their creative name!

Update: Slow Cow may no longer be available but readers shared ideas for a few more relaxing drinks, Extreme Relaxation Drink with melatonin designed to "slow your roll" and Serenity Relaxation Beverage with valerian root and small amount of melatonin.



Via: Springwise and Slow Cow

Aug 12, 2009
by Anonymous


I can't wait to try this drink, it sounds really interesting. The packaging is also totally adorable.

Sep 5, 2009
by Anonymous

what a great idea

what a great idea