Red Bull Takes A Whrrl On Location-Based Social Network For Air Race

While airplane racing might not have the cred or fan-base of the World Cup, it has found a way to promote itself through one popular social media channel. Whrrl, a location-based social network app will provide fans with events up close and personal, even if you are not watching from Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ - one of the race's major vantage points.

Whrrl is partnering with the popular energy drink Red Bull to create the 'Red Bull Society' which will give fans throughout New Jersey and the New York City environs insider knowledge about what's happening in the race and perks at venues throughout the NYC area.

Using Whrrl on one's smartphone, members will have complete access to Red Bull’s recommendations at their fingertips, based on their location.“Red Bull’s goal is to enhance their brand, grow their community and activate people in the real world so they can play a more central role in their customers' lives,” said Jeff Holden founder/CEO of Pelago, makers of Whrrl, Seattle, WA.

Downloads of the free Whrrl app can be accessed at Apple's iTune store.

“Society members can participate by contributing recommendations that are positive and relevant to the community.”

Red Bull Society members will receive:

  • Waived cover charges and drink discounts at select NYC bars and clubs
  • Ticket deals for the Red Bull Air Race
  • Red Bull Air Race viewing party notifications sent to their mobile device
  • Locations and dates/times of official Red Bull Air Race "Take Off" parties
  • Red Bull Air Race recommended happy hours
  • The ability to share their own recommendations with others in the Society

Similar to other location-based social networks like Foursquare and Gowalla, members earn points for checks-ins, creating and completing recommendations, and for inspiring other Red Bull members to try new things. As members earn points, they level up in the Red Bull Society and gain access to rewards.

“From the perspective of brands like Red Bull, Whrrl Societies enable three very powerful things: real-world community, activation and virality,” Mr. Holden said. “Brands like Red Bull with an online Facebook and Twitter following can transform that following into a thriving and virally growing real-world community. 

So this weekend, take a break from the World Cup and check-out the friendly skies with Whrrl and Red Bull. (You never know who you might see flying one of those planes).

Or do both as World Cup apps can be monitored easily while watching the Red Bull Race - see previous post titled, "Super Social Media Activity Kicks Off South Africa's World Cup."