Retrostar: The Coolest Accessory For Your Mobile Phone!

Say anything you want about last century's telephone handsets, but they were infinitely more comfortable than holding a cell phone next to your ear or wearing a Bluetooth® ear mold. German creators, Donkey Products has a good thing for those of us that love the comfort of the old handsets and don't want to take any unnecessary chances on microwave exposure. It's the Retrostar Telephone Handset, " the coolest accessory for your mobile phone."



The Retrostar is available to fit various models of iPhones, Nokias, Blackberrys, Siemens, Motorola and other mobile phones. Wait... not only mobile phones... Donkey Products has also made the Retrostar for those who use VOip technology. (cable wires or USB connections.)



The Retrostar Telephone Handset is a terrific accessory for home and office use, especially if you use your mobile phone as a home or office phone. The more you're on the cell phone, the more you need a Retrostar, especially to prevent exposure to radiation, which is an ever-growing concern among the health care community.

Donkey Products has also made accessories for its accessory handset. For home, there is Retrostar Harry, a neat cradle for the handset...



Here is Retrostar Harry with a neon orange Retrostar Handset.



And, if you are on the go, more accessories for your Retrostar... For example, the Retrostar Phone & Carry belt accessory...



... and he Retrostar Snap Hook that attaches the Retrostar Telephone to your purse, briefcase, or laptop case.



The Retrostar Telephone Handset and its accessories are available at Tadenberg. The Handset comes in white, black, red, and orange (The preceding links lead to Retrostar Telephone Handset order pages for each color. In each of the listings, there is a drop down menu that enables you to see all of the mobile phones that the Retrostar accommodates.) Links to the Handset accessories are in the appropriate text above.)


Feb 9, 2009
by Anonymous


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