Redesign The Average School Lunch Experience, Win Up To $4,000!

Do your part to reform the old, tired and frankly, unhealthy way that public schools operate and set up their lunch programs into health-focused cafeterias, and you could earn yourself a nice chunk of money for your efforts.


Nutritionists, parents and teachers continue to raise concerns that the average K-12 school lunch experience is not assembled to promote healthy eating choices, but that doesn’t start and end with the lunch menu. Designers, engineers, architects, educators, students and anyone with a passion for revamping the entire public school dining experience from the ground up is encouraged to send in their ideas to “Redesigning The School Lunch Experience” by aia Seattle and Design In Public.

Consider every aspect of eating lunch at school, and how each could be improved upon to become an inviting entryway towards health and wellness, including new food choices, dining spaces, education experiences, gamification, mobile apps and much more. The top submission will earn its inventor the whopping $4,000 first prize, with $1,000 for second prize, as well as four $500 prizes awarded to honorable mentions. If you’re looking to make a name for yourself in the architecture, design or health fields, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase your own creativity, pad your portfolio and make some cash too.


You’ll want to click here to apply and pay the registration fee, and here to learn the finer details about submitting your ideas to the “Redesign The School Lunch Experience” contest, but if you enter before November 21st, you’ll pay the cheaper early registration fee. Just don’t let your application slip past the December 5th cutoff date! Have fun making the best part of any student’s school day even better, designers!

Source: Redesign The School Lunch Experience