Redesign Liepaja Seaside Park’s Bath House, Win $5,000!

Architect and designer Paul Max Berchi designed the “Bath House” located in Latvia’s Liepaja Seaside Park, but after it was ultimately shuttered in 1993, the iconic building sat and stagnated for over 20 years. Homemade Dessert and Liepaja City Council are ready to pay designers up to $5,000 for ideas to renovate this historic landmark. Are you interested?



But why is the Bath House so important, anyway? When it was first constructed, patrons could enjoy the Bath House’s “healing” mud baths, sea water baths, various saunas and other unique relaxing features. The Bath House received an interesting surprise in 1978 when an underground lake containing valuable minerals was discovered. Although the spring continues to deliver fresh and mineral rich water to the Bath House, the building was closed ever since Latvia earned its independence in 1993. History lesson aside, here is where you come in:




The Rebirth Of The Bath House competition was created to inspire designers to remodel the interior and exterior of the Bath House, while remaining open to the idea of adding additional structures and construction to the original building. Don’t worry if you’ve never stepped foot in Latvia, since you can download extensive design documents for the structure from the Rebirth Of The Bath House competition. If renovating a historic building that’s been sealed off from the public for over 20 years seems like a lot of work, just keep in mind that their favorite designer will earn a $5,000 prize, and that the second and third place designers will get $1,500 and $500 respectively.

You need to register for the Rebirth Of The Bath House competition by May 2nd, 2014, and note that the end date to send in your improvements is May 23rd, 2014. (Click here to enter!) Here’s hoping that one of your designs will be used to renovate this historic piece of Latvia!