Redesign Tikves Chardonnay Label, Win 500 Euros!

This international contest, presented by Tikves winery and Skopje Design Week, will test product packaging pros to revamp the label for Tikves Chardonnay for a chance to win 500 euros!

Every product needs eye-catching, classic labels or iconic packaging, and Tikves Chardonnay is the latest product looking for a consumer-friendly facelift. If you’re a product designer looking to take on the chardonnay challenge to earn the 500 euro (about $656 USD) prize, you will need to consider the following design choices:

-Front and back labels both have minimum and maximum sizes, along with text that absolutely needs to be printed somewhere on the sticker, but the label’s shapes are completely up to you!

-Tikves winery logo must be on the front label.

- What paper types and printing techniques will you choose for the label? 

-What shape and color will the chardonnay be?

-Will the bottle’s screw cap be black or white?

The biggest winery in Macedonia, Tikves produces 22 million liters of wine each year, so the top design that they pick for their upcoming batch of chardonnay will be seen by a huge international audience. Anyone interested in throwing their bottle in the ring will absolutely need to read over the rules, design specifics and entry specifics . You’d better fire up Photoshop soon, as the Tikves Wine Label Design closes its doors for submissions after September 15th, 2013. Good luck, everyone!


Sources: Tikves Homepage, Skopje Design Week