Reduce, Reuse And Ride: Bejiing Subway Accepts Recyclables As Payment

Society's focus on reducing environmental impact is improving, and it is an even greater priority when the people engaging in environmental programs get something out of the deal. In order to encourage commuters to reduce their environmental impact, Bejiing has started to accept an unusual form of currency in exchange for their transportation services. The Bejiing Subway System is introducing a program that has been coined Recycle-to-Ride (pun intended) to encourage citizens to reduce their waste, or at least what they do with it when they produce it. Because, the subway system, which is used extensively by commuters in Bejiing, accepts plastic bottles and other recyclables in exchange for subway tokens.

Plastic Bottles: Photo: Flickr Creative Commons User Mark e markPlastic Bottles: Photo: Flickr Creative Commons User Mark e mark

The machines that will be installed at over 100 subway stops even crushes the recyclables and sorts them. Since China is so heavily populated, encouraging the use of mass transit is important. They are very much onto something too since sometimes attracting people to a business means using a unique marketing tactic. And, accepting a different type of currency is about as unique as it gets! 

 Of course, a little bit of environmental responsibility is an even greater benefit. But what do you think consumers - would you be more likely to use the services of any business (even one that does not offer necessary mass transit services like the subway) if you could pay with items you are already intending to discard?

Via:The Guardian