Reebok ZigTech: Energy Drink For Your Feet?

Reebok has introduced some new training shoes that it plans to launch next month. Called ZigTech, Reebok calls them its most technically advanced training and running shoes. It also says that they're like an energy drink for your feet--so be sure to pound a Red Bull or Amp so that your body can keep up with those caffeineted peds.

The shoes feature a unique, zig-zag cut on the foam soles that Reebok claims offer a host of training benefits. The company says that the design absorbs heel strike impact, takes strain off the legs and "sends a wave of energy along the length of the shoe to help propel the athlete forward with each step." That last part sounds like classic advertising crock, but plenty of people bought Nike Airs for that incredible air cushioning, so why not. 

According to a press release quote by upcoming Super Bowler Peyton Manning: “Shin splints are extremely common for pro athletes like me. Wearing ZigTechs give players a bounce, an energy that lets us train longer with less strain on key leg muscles, like shins. This ultimately enables athletes to stay healthier during the season.”

Other pro athletes that Reebok says use the shoes are Chad Ochocinco, Andy Pettite, "Sugar" Shane Mosley and Tim Lincecum. If you want to train like these guys--or pay for some pretty ugly sneakers that you don't need to pretend to train like these guys--the ZigTechs will run about $100 when they hit the market on March 11. Retailers include, Dick's Sporting Goods and Foot Locker. 

Just try and harness all that energy-drink performance and use it for good. 

Via: Crunch Gear