Refine Your Diet Planning With A Calorie Counting Wine Glass

These days dieting is more about portion control than it is about calorie counting. With this Calorie Counting Wine Glass you can keep track either way and plan your alcohol consumption for better health and a leaner body. The goblet works with red, white, or even blush wines and measures them in 2 ounce increments. If you aren't in the mood for temperance then just fill 'er up to the "I Don't Care" line!

 Calorie Counting Wine GlassCalorie Counting Wine Glass

The glass is both sturdy and elegant, and the lines and measurements are etched into the glass so they aren't going to just wear off over time. It is perfect for people on Weight Watchers so that they don't have to measure their wine first.

Calorie Counting Wine GlassCalorie Counting Wine Glass

When you are entertaining the glasses make a great conversation piece. When you are trying to come up with a gift for someone who already has everything chances are that this is something they don't have and are likely to love. Pair it with a reasonably decent bottle of wine and your gift will really be a hit.

This is also the sort of thing that will work as a gift for any occasion -- except maybe for your nephew's Bar Mitzvah or your niece's 14th birthday. Keep a few on hand for when the unexpected need arises or the forgotten occasion crops up.

Stemless Calorie Counting Wine GlassStemless Calorie Counting Wine Glass

Not everyone is into stemware, so for those people there is also a Stemless Calorie Counting Wine Glass. Whether with stems or without, the Calorie Counting Wine Glass will make your wine divine. They are certainly in a "glass" by themselves.

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