Refine Your Voice With The Beauty Voice Trainer

Here is another wacky beauty product out of Japan.  Unlike most beauty products though, this one does not sculpt your body or firm your face.  The Beauty Voice Trainer is for those who are unhappy with the sound of their own voices and would like to retrain their tongues and breathing technique to create a new, melodic tone.

The device, which looks like an adult soother, is meant to be worn for five minutes per day.  In that time it is said to open up the vocal passageways by repositioning the tongue.  The makers also claim that it promotes breathing from the abdomen, essential for correct singing technique.

The gadget also comes with a tuning fork to help the user discern between pitches.  In case you are at all concerned about the look of the device, it comes in two fashionable colors (orange and purple) and includes a carrying case so that you do not have to miss a training session while on the road.  There is no indication of how many training sessions it takes to reach one’s voice potential.


May 12, 2010
by Anonymous


Gives the word "tonguetwister" a wholenew meaning!

May 14, 2010
by Kim Patterson


That's for sure!