Refreshing In More Ways Than One: Pool Pong

While the summer means different things to different people, one common theme is figuring out ways to do your usual activities in a cool body of water. Sitting. Eating. Playing games. Another theme is doing your favorite activities with ice cold beer. Playing sports. Watching sports. Making up drunk sports. 

When you can combine a favorite pasttime, taking a swim and drinking beer into one seamless activity, you're set for the summer. That's exactly what makes the Pool Pong Rack the perfect summer accessory. Instead of playing beer pong in a hot, sweltering house where your oscillating fan sends the ball flying into the other room, jump right into your pool (or your vacationing neighbors' pool), crack open your favorite pong beer and play for hours while enjoying a cool, refreshing reprieve from the 100-degree heat. 

Simple but creative, the Pool Pong Rack is basically just an inflatable cup holder, with your basic six-cup triangular beer pong configuration. The individual racks allow you space out your "table" to make the game as challenging as you want. Park a cooler of Miller Lite next to the pool, grab two of the included ping pong balls and get playing. While you might not want to play this out in the breakers,it would work well in pool, lake, pond or reservoir. Just do yourself a favor and use it in the shallow end. Swimming back to sure after a few losses or close victories is not advisable.

The set is available for around $20 and includes two racks. beer pong instructions and three balls. 

Via: Coolest Gadgets 

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