Reisenthel® Mother Child Shopping Bag Makes It Easy For Your Toddler To Help


Toddlers love to help out.  While it sometimes makes tasks a little (or a lot) more challenging, it can be worth it to let them pitch in from time to time just to see the look of pride on their little faces.  Not to mention that it allows them to pick up some news skills and gives them a sense of responsibility.  Sometimes letting them help can be easier said than done though.  It is great to see a product that is designed specifically to allow little ones to lend a helping hand.



The Reisenthel® Mother Child Shopping Bag was made for exactly this purpose....oh, and carrying your essentials, of course.  The bag looks generally like a regular cloth shopping bag, but has an extra set of handles much lower down.  Toddlers can feel that they are doing their part to carry the load by grabbing onto the child-level handles.  It can also give parents more peace of mind in busy areas if their child is holding onto something while being led through a crowd.

The bag comes in red, navy, sand and kiwi colors and has a cute mother/child logo on the side.  It also has a zipping interior compartment and a pocket to hold a cell phone.  You can pick one up here.       

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Dec 3, 2010
by Anonymous

Cool bag

Sometimes it just is the simple things! 

Dec 3, 2010
by Kim Patterson

You're right

It's a basic idea, but a good one I think.