Re-Kindle Your Fake Blogs?

In Dennis Leary's Hulu TV commercial, his alien persona critiques us mere mortals of sharing our "bliggety blogs" and our "Facey-spaceys" and our "Tweety pages" with all our "bookwormy anti-Boobtubey friends." Perhaps Amazon was thinking along the same lines when they rolled out their Kindle Your Blog campaign. This week Amazon's Kindle Publishing for Blogs is promoted as a "fast and easy self-publishing tool" that let's you upload  and sell your blogs at a subscription price of $1.99 per month.

The Kindle for those that still read books the old-fashioned way or haven't heard Oprah lauding its KindleKindlepraises, is essentially an iPod for books, with Amazon's online book store taking on the role of iTunes. Hey, when one business model is working, the sincerest form of flattery is to steal the idea!

But is that all that Kindle is stealing? According to some recent research, sellers beware! Erick Schonfeld, a writer for TechCrunch uncovered a major fly in the ointment. It appears that one can register bogus blogs, and get credit for content that doesn't belong to them.

Paul Carr's BookPaul Carr's BookAnd apparently it is not just blogs that can be claimed. Uploading books seem to be just as easy. Paul Carr, the author of "Nothing To The Party: Confessions Of A New Media Whore" after uploading his book realized that he never had to prove that he was the author nor questioned whether or not he had the US electronic rights for the book.

Well, is this just growing pains and a case of not getting all your ducks in a row before you launch a new service? Perhaps so, as an Amazon spokesman assured us that the service has removed the fake blogs from the Kindle Store with the release of  the the following statement:

Kindle Publishing for Blogs Beta is a powerful way for bloggers to publish their content to the Kindle  community and we have streamlined the process to help rights holders launch their content as quickly as possible. Occasionally, people publish material to which they do not have rights, in violation of the Terms and Conditions for Kindle Publishing for Blogs. In these cases we react vigorously to remove unauthorized copyrighted material.The listing of a few unauthorized blogs was unfortunate and we have subsequently removed those titles. 

Blogs to Kindle isn’t the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but for pundits looking for a new channel of audience distribution, Amazon has officially opened its doors for you to give it a try. So keep those "bliggety blogs" a' coming...just keep a close eye on who may be pirating your material!

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