Relationship Killers: The 5 Worst Valentine's Day Gifts Ever

February is upon us, which means it's time to celebrate our hate love for our significant others by being nice to them for one day of the year. Of course, if you don't buy into the whole "one day of romance for 364 days of loathing," or if you just plain hate your partner, these gifts are sure to get your special day of torment off to a great start.


Worst Valentine's Gift # 1:
Don't Forget Ring

When does a cute idea become a terrible gift? When a $7 piece of gold string is the only jewelry you get your gal for Valentine's Day. Sure it is meant to remind her that she is loved and that she should always enjoy life, but it's really just going to remind her to get a new boyfriend.

Worst Valentine's Gift #2:
The Cleopatra Clamp

Because nothing says "I love you" like reminding your partner they aren't good looking enough, this clip gives your significant other the chance to get a dirt cheap nose job in one of the most painful ways possible. 

Worst Valentine's Gift #3:
Bald Guyz Head Wipes

Don't worry ladies, there are plenty of ways for you to passive aggressively tell your man he isn't attractive enough. This great product can remind him that he's not only bald, but that he's disgustingly sweaty too. Hooray for destroying your lover's self confidence!

Worst Valentine's Gift #4:

Last year, I suggested a back shaver as a great gift for any terrible mothers out there. But this electric back shaver is even better and makes a conveniently rude gift for the follicley enhanced men out there.

Worst Valentine's Gift #5:
His and Her Tongue Scrapers

Fresh breath is important when it comes to getting kissed and prolonging kisses, but there's gotta be a better way to clean up your guy or gal's breath than buying a set of tongue scrapers. No matter what the packaging will lead you to believe, this is not a romantic gift for the two of you.

Got any more terrible gift ideas, feel free to share them in the comments, and for more terrible gift ideas, be sure to check out these 9 Gifts That Will Surely Anger Your Valentine and learn how to Avoid Love With One of These Terrible Valentine's Day Gifts.

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