Relax and Rejuvenate with the Spa Capsule

In today's fast-paced and high strung existence, I for one am more than willing to shell out big bucks for a single day of relaxation at the spa. But thanks to a new innovation, now I won't ever need to leave the comfort of my home to get that experience.

Introducing the Spa Capsule which brings the luxuries of a spa into the home. This super cool style gizmo includes an LCD panel showing preset programs, adjustable steam therapy, infrared therapy, 14 Vichy shower heads, a cooling face breeze, aromatherapy reservoir, music facility and capsule remote control. Such luxury comes at a price, and the Spa Capsule comes with a tag of $20,000.




The Spa Capsule was launched earlier in the year at Hotelympia, a food, service and hospitality show. The more moneyed, or stressed, whichever way you look at it, can also upgrade from the baseline model. The higher end version includes a range of spa treatments in a hydrotherapy tub with 12 Vichy showerheads, voice activation, color therapy lights, ozone therapy, a built-in LCD TV and a radio for $36,000.

I know this is a bit pricey, and even if I visit a spa every weekend, I'll never total up a bill equivalent to the cost of the basic model, but I fell for the looks of this machine. I guess I will just wait till my neighborhood spa gets one installed.