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It seems that technology is always leaping forward, laptops replacing desktops, 4G replacing 3G, and Google Glass replacing....well, reality. Fashion also seems to continually re-invent itself, but the lowly T-shirt seems to remain the same, decade in and decade out. Artist Vincent Hie has combined his amazing graphic design skills with his love of animals to finally bring T-shirts into the next generation and the third dimension. These visually deceptive T-shirts look as though these wild animals are coming right off the material, quite a bit different than those hideous sweatshirts of timberwolves howling at the moon from the ultra-fashionable 1990's....




Vincent Hie, the Indonesian-born artist behind this fascinating fashion, has actually lived in the Netherlands his entire life, but only began working as a full-time artist and designer five years ago. The most important element of his work as an illustrator is his attention to every detail and his passion for photorealism. His mind-boggling animal images are crafted by using 3D shading techniques in his drawings, then integrating them into the graphic design process. This time-intensive approach is what gives the animal on each shirt the illusion of practically popping off the cotton. I think the biggest problem with these shirts is how many people would awkwardly try to pet your stomach when you walked by.








Whether you harbor a deep love for horses, eagles, hamsters, or orangutans, these t-shirts will certainly be a good addition to your animal-themed wardrobe. Cleverly, the space where the animals' ears would usually extend often visually fits right onto the short sleeves, completing the optical trick. Also, if you haven't been to the gym in a while, a little bit of belly goes a long way towards really selling the three-dimensional aspect of the animal's face.

These shirts, many of which can be purchased on Amazon, make great gifts for any real animal lover, but especially children. As we grow up, fashion is supposed to be fun, so why should that be any different as children?








So, what do you think? Is this the kind of fashion style that doesn't need to be couture to be cool? Sometimes re-thinking "simple" is what makes the best products, and the success these shirts have already had speaks volumes not only about the designer's skills, but also about how much our society truly loves meerkats.

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