Remodeling Your Home For Retirement



© 2013 RM Design© 2013 RM DesignThirty percent of the U.S. population are baby boomers, according to the American Association of Retired People (AARP), and a recent survey conducted by the group found that 84 percent of us want to stay in our homes after we retire.  If you are a member of that majority, you might need to think about doing some remodeling to make your home more accommodating to your needs as you age.

I looked around my one story house and thought, well, the hallways could be wider to be wheelchair accessible, and, the bathrooms need to be larger with step-in baths and higher toilets.  But when I saw Remodeling Magazine's Home For Life virtual tour 2013, I realized that there's a lot more that can be done to a house to make it more efficient and accommodating.

When you take the 'virtual tour' you'll see that in addition to the 'necessities,' the magazine's do-over also provides for the 'niceties,' as in "Yes, that would certainly be very nice to have." So if you're a boomer who has managed to keep your employment and your savings safe through the last ten years, you'll be especially taken by all the ways you can change your home.

For example, the outside of the virtual house has been completely refaced with the addition of a rear riser and and a circular covered porch.  Bet you would not have thought of that.  It can be done. And Remodeling Magazine provides you with contractor companies that can do the job.


Home... before: © 2013 RM DesignHome... before: © 2013 RM Design


Home... after: © 2013 RM DesignHome... after: © 2013 RM Design


All the rooms in the virtual 4-bedroom home have been remodeled for ultimate efficiency and convenience - even the dining room, which is not only re-furnished but remodeled with a wider entry, access to circulated air from an energy-efficient ceiling fan in the adjoining room, and a wet bar (because retirees have more time to entertain).


Dining room... before: © 2013 RM DesignDining room... before: © 2013 RM Design


Dining room... after: © 2013 RM DesignDining room... after: © 2013 RM Design


Go! Take a look.  The tour is online and it's free and you may get some good ideas... or good dreams, like me.

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