Remote Control Crabs Make Swell Shelled Holiday Gifts

This Christmas, surprise her with crabs! The Kaniraji Infrared RC Crab from Japan's JTT Online Shop comes in “fresh” and “boiled” models giving you two cool ways to play Sandy Claws this year.

The Kani in Kaniraji is Japanese for Crab and the Raji refers to radio but don't try twisting a leg to tune your favorite station. Fiddling (pun intended) with the included wireless infrared remote control, on the other hand, will cause the counterfeit crustacean to scuttle sideways to the left or right with legs a'jittering and eyes a'flashing! Check it out on video right here.

The hockey puck shaped remote contains three AA-size batteries (not included) and a removable charging cable; if rechargeable batteries are used, they can be recharged without the need for a separate external charger. The remote itself is powered by a built-in Lithium ion battery.

JTT Online Shop advises that a continuous operating time of about 20 minutes is realistic when the batteries are fully charged. Order your very own Kaniraji Infrared RC Crab from JTT Online Shop for 1,780 yen (about $17.50) each or 2,980 yen (just under $30) for a set of two – one boiled and one un-boiled. It's a deal you'll want to snap up today!