Remote Control Hammerhead Shark

Imagine having your very own shark in the backyard pool this summer? The Remote Control Hammerhead Shark is a super sleek creature that is sure to awe and amaze. Watch as he swims to depths of up to 9 feet in the quiet, stealth-like manner these magnificent predators are known for.  He can maneuver in all directions - even backwards.  His tail moves back and forth, his fins move up and down and his eyes light up.

Control him from the deck or swim alongside him - if you dare. The remote control is submersible and the shark can be controlled from up to 40 feet away. It'll take about 4 hours to charge the shark the first time you use it, and one hour after that. When fully charged, the shark will swim, or stalk, for about 15 minutes.

Remote Controlled Hammerhead SharkRemote Controlled Hammerhead Shark

The shark measures about 24 x 6 by 8 inches and requires 4 AA batteries. The shark is available in green or orange. The control requires one 9-volt battery and a spare battery is also available for purchase for under $30.

Recommended for children 8 and up, the Remote Control Hammerhead Shark retails for just under $100 but is currently on sale for under $80. Now, all you need is to crank up the theme music from Jaws and you are good to go! (Update: The Hammerhead Shark is no longer available. Perhaps this RC Shark will be a good alternativce.)

Source and Photo:  Amazon

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