Remote Control "Sugoi Mop" From Japan Turns Gamers Into Cleaners

The remote control “Sugoi Mop” from Japan's Kyosho Egg combines the best features of an old-fashioned floor sweeper and an r/c racing car. It might not be the best mop around but at least it'll help lazy gamers get with the program.

The word “sugoi” means “wonderful” in Japanese, which is noteworthy in itself since no one has ever described any mop as being anything other than “boring”.

One might say that the clever folks at Kyosho Egg have succeeded in building the mop version of a better mousetrap simply by (a) motorizing it and (b) fitting it with a hand-held, gamer-type remote control. The mop, that is, not the mousetrap though we'd REALLY like to see a remote control mousetrap someday!

But we digress – the Sugoi Mop is here now and no mice are harmed or otherwise inconvenienced through its operation. Measuring 220mm by 100mm by 40mm (8.8 by 4 by 1.6 inches) and operating on the 27MHz radio frequency, the Sugoi Mop looks a lot like those cute but impractical Baby Mops but it's WAY better 'cause unlike most babies, it cleans where you want it to clean.

Simply pop two AA alkaline batteries into the transmitter and a further four AA alkaline batteries into the wheeled chassis secreted inside the mop head and it's Game On, Dirt Gone! The Sugoi Mop can be ordered online at English-language sites such as White Rabbit Express or

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