Remote Control USB Cockroach Will Infest Your Desktop

Everyone loves cockroaches... er, let me re-phrase that: Nobody loves cockroaches but the Remote Control USB Cockroach from Japan's JTT Online Shop isn't your garden (bathroom, basement, or behind the fridge) variety cockroach.

No indeed, my friends, it's a cockroach you can control, it won't breed and it won't transmit icky diseases though it's likely the CIA or Kim Jong-Un (or both) are working on the latter two.

While we're waiting for the improved model T-1000 Robo-Cockroach to scuttle off Skynet's production line and immediately embark on a search for Sarah Connor, the model GOKIRC Remote Control USB Cockroach provides sufficient non-lethal entertainment for all ages and species – oh yeah, kittycat's got a big surprise coming!

Check out this short yet amusing video of a half-dozen Remote Control USB Cockroaches in action; it's more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Designed perhaps with nerds in mind, JTT's electronic insect charges its internal Lithium Ion battery via a cable connection to the nearest USB port. Move over, computer viruses, electric bugs are here!

The 75mm (3 inches) long and 35mm (1.4 inches) wide robo-cockroach weighs 24 grams or just under an ounce, and features an LED in its “tail” that makes it visible in the dark – something the Intelligent Designer of actual living cockroaches unfortunately left out.

The infrared remote control weighs just 18 grams (0.63 oz) and features 5 directional buttons that endow the cyber-creature with mad scuttling skills! The design, which channels power through six legs instead of wheels, provides a rough approximation of a tireless, frenetic, seemingly unstoppable bug... which basically describes a cockroach in a nutshell. ARRGH, there's a cockroach in my nutshell!!  

Anyway, you can order your own Remote Control USB Cockroach direct from JTT Online Shop for 1,680 yen (about $19.75) each, or 2,180 yen ($25.50) for a USB Cockroach plus a black or white AC adapter.