Remote Controlled Beverage Buggy: Cool In More Ways Than One

Is the world ready for the Remote-Controlled Beverage Buggy from Hammacher Schlemmer?

Remote Controlled Beverage BuggyRemote Controlled Beverage Buggy
We better be, because it is here this summer, ready to drive around your home or backyard offering a ride for your drinks instead of your own lazy self. Instead of the kind of seating arrangements one might expect from any respectable dune buggy, this Remote-Controlled Beverage Buggy from Hammacher Schlemmer has two cup-holders that can deliver on command two 12-ounce cans of ice-cold beers, sodas and just about anything your not-feeling-like-getting-up-and-walking-over to-the-fridge little heart desires.

How does the Remote-Controlled Beverage Buggy work?

This little dune buggy couldn’t be easier to operate even after it has made a few trips back and forth from your chaise lounge and you are feeling a bit light-headed. The Remote-Controlled Beverage Buggy does all of the hard work of schlepping to the fridge, getting another libation for you to imbibe and returning it to your side, whether right, or left turns, forward or reverse movements are involved. No backyard terrain is too tough for the Remote-Controlled Beverage Buggy from Hammacher Schlemmer. Everything arrives at the chaise lounge intact, although the Remote-Controlled Beverage Buggy could use a horn to maximize a full effect. (Also, if you have more than one Remote-Beverage Buggy, traffic jams should be an option, providing a true duplication art imitating life!

Where can you get a Remote Controlled Beverage Buddy ?

The Remote-Controlled beverage Buddy was created by Hammacher Schlemmer , a company who claims that it has been “offering the best, the only and the unexpected for 160 years.” The buggy can be yours for a mere $49.95. The remote requires one 9-volt battery and the buggy itself needs four AA batteries.

The Remote-Controlled Beverage Buggy is recommended for ages 5 and up. (Buy here )

Does that apply to most of us?

I’m pretty sure it does!
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Jan 6, 2009
by Anonymous

um shade dude

not enough space, needs shade...and an entire cooler.