Renault’s “Mobility for All” Campaign Spawns First Newer OEM Swivel Seat

Smaller cars often pose a challenge for our senior drivers when it comes to getting in or back out, usually due to how the seats are positioned. Renault has provided the answer to this by introducing the first modern vehicle with an OEM swivel seat, and there are rumors that it make be making its way to North American soil.

The technology is part of a campaign being called "Mobility for All," which is putting emphasis on ensuring anyone who is still safe on the road can remain on the road.

The first vehicle to leave the factory with the new technology is the recently updates Clio hatchback. According to a press release from Renault, the front passenger seat can be made to turn a full 75 degrees, aligning the passenger's legs with the opening for the door. A small lever on the on the bottom of the passenger seat controls the actuator.

The technology will add an additional $2,157 to the cost of the vehicle, which is less than half of what most aftermarket installations will cost. It should also be noted that the technology adheres to all of the current crash standards being imposed.

About those rumors of seeing such a device in America, Nissan and Renault are basically under the same leadership, meaning technology sharing is guaranteed. As of right now, Nissan has not released any plans to add the swivel seat to anything in their lineup, but that doesn't mean it won't show up. With as much attention as the new add-on is receiving, it would seem almost foolish to not bring it to their line of vehicles.