Renewable Energy From Artificial Trees: SolarBotanic's Fascinating Designs

SolarBotanic is a company with a big, well-researched, immaculately-documented, patented-up plan for renewable energy from artificial trees. Using wind and solar energy, SolarBotanic's plan for individual homes and energy grids may end up costing users 50 percent less than current solar systems. And, as SolarBotanic is quick to point out, its plan is far better looking than photovoltaic panels or wind turbines.



Sure the artificial trees are inspired by real trees, and SolarBotanic's Nanoleaves convert sunlight into energy just like tree leaves, but the energy user is not the leaf or the tree itself. To convert sunlight into energy, the Nanoleaves contain photothermovoltaic cells, that convert the whole spectrum of light, even light we can't see, like radiation, into electricity,



Nano piezo electric generators in the twigs and branches, simultaneously convert wind into millions of Pico watts. The more the wind blows, the more the leaves move (flap frequency), the more the Nano piezo generators are stimulated to make more energy, and then you have trillions of Pico watts!



Another fascinating SolarBotanic technology is used to separate the carbon dioxide from other elements in the air. It involves biomimicry of the human lung. The device at the bottom of the tree below has a fixed carrier in the membrane that enables only the "good" air molecules to convert to energy.



Right now, two main kinds of trees are drawn up. One, the broad leaf trees, can provide between 33500 kWh and 7000kWh per year, in addition to providing shade, breeze, and beautty. Another biomimicry design, the Octopus root system, secures the broad leaf trees in the ground.

SolarBotanic's ever green trees provide between 2500kWh and 7000kWh per year. These trees are good for mountainous regions and hill sides, as they provide good sound absorbers.

SolarBotanics has also planned a variety of smaller artificial shrubs for your smaller electrical needs, like household appliances. SolarBotanic has Nanoleaf roof and wall carpets that can be easily installed with various leaf designs.

As you can see, SolarBotanic trees and leaves have many functions besides providing energy.


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