Rent Tent, Be First To Purchase iPhone 4G & Live To Tweet & Ustream About It

Airbnb reports iPhone mania is officially under way in front of the Apple Store on Stockton Street in San Francisco. If you can cough up $200 or be the highest bidder, you can be first in line by renting a tent from an enterprising camper who secured the spot early on the Wednesday prior to the launch on Thursday, June 24.

Airbnb is a service that describes itself as the “Ebay for space”. It allows the listing of space so that travellers can choose to stay at a location for a set price. What Airbnb didn’t realize is that its service could be used by Apple fanboys to rent out a tent or chair outside an Apple store for one night.

This Airbnb reporter talks to both the tent owner (in the #1 and #2 spots) and chair owner (in the #3 spot) who apparently rented his chair shortly after this YouTube video was recorded.

Chris BankChris BankChris Bank, 24 secured the first two spots in line to not only be one of the first purchasers of the new device, but also to declare that he is switch-hitter - meaning - he is chucking his Blackberry to be the proud owner of the iPhone 4G.

The highest bidder has the chance to be one of the first to get the iPhone at the Stockton Street store on Thursday morning--and the chance to get photographed by the media.

Chris hawks his spot with this 'classified ad' type of tweet that even offers special sleeping arrangements for the renter that takes him up on his offer.

Joseph Labato who rented the lawn chair in the #3 spot issued this tweet just four hours  before this post indicating that him and @sbanker (Chris Bank's Twitter handle) are already getting media attention on Ustream.

UPDATE - June 23 - 9PM PT - It appears that Chris was successful in renting his tent for $400 - that should help buy a few accessories for his new iPhone, eh? 
Chris Bank's Final TweetChris Bank's Final Tweet

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