Rent-A- Ruminant: Unusual Livestock Landscaping Company

When you move into a property that has become overgrown with brush, it's a big job to have it all removed so your lawn area is transformed into a beautiful useable green space. Sure, you could hire a typical landscape to get the job done for you, but wouldn't you rather say that you used a more unique sort of service?

Livestock LandscapingLivestock Landscaping

Rent-A-Ruminant is a landscaping company that doesn't rely upon trowels and hedge clippers, it's main tool of trade happens to be livestock, specifically, goats. It's not the fastest project, but it is effective. After a consultation, where the company ensures that there is no vegetation that will be toxic to the goats, the goat herd of 60 to 120 animals arrive onsite with their human supervisor. The company fences in the property to ensure the goats only focus on the task at hand, and they're left to go to town eating their way through the brush and vegetation that needs removing from your property. The goat supervisor hands around during the whole process to protect her herd and finishes up the final 10% of the job, clearing any of the remaining vegetation that the goats cannot.


Rent-A-Ruminant's services aren't cheap, but you sure will get to tell a more interesting story if you hire them. Prices start with a $300 flat fee for mobilization, and then rates are $725 a day..and to give you an idea of how long the process takes; 60 goats can eat their way through 10,000 square feet in approximately 3-5 days.

Via: BoingBoing