When Business Innovation Meets Low Tech

Using the internet to develop and market an innovative idea doesn’t need to be a hairy experience, but this green landscaping company is the exception to that rule! Let’s take a closer look at’s innovative business:

The spark of originality behind “Rent A Goat” is providing a green landscaping alternative to using toxic chemicals or gas powered machines to clear unwanted plants from a property, and since launching the business in April 2011, the brand quickly spread across the continental United States. While not all “green” ideas are currently financially feasible or in demand from consumers, the ability to rent out a herd of hungry goats to chow down on weeds and invasive plants at prices that are competitive to traditional landscaping methods has been a hit with their customers.

While’s website is fairly sophisticated and it covers a huge area of potential consumers, the basics are simple:

Each goat can eat about eight pounds of vegetation per day, so the best way to figure out how many goats you’ll need and for how long they’ll be dining on your land is to invite a goat handler to the site for an estimate.

The goats are easily able to reach into places that would be awkward for machines to get to, and they aren’t picky about eating nasty herbal horrors such as poison ivy and kudzu. Inviting the famished shrub munchers will also remove dried out brush, thus reducing the risk of forest fires, and it’s a much cuter option than pulling out the weed wacker.

A goat handler will monitor and herd the goats along from 9-5, so don’t worry about having to watch someone else’s kids! is a hub for local farmers to register their brush clearing goats, so that renters can find the closest service provider. Not only did RentAGoat create an earth friendly weed control business, they built a cornerstone web portal that spread the idea across the continent. Take a note inventors- This is how great green business ideas evolve into concrete brands with staying power with high visibility. It didn’t take a patent, or hundreds of hours toiling in a lab, just a pinch of environmentally conscious innovation, a good website and a bunch of hungry goats.


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