Repellent Paint Splashes 'Pee' Back At Drunken Urinators

 New paint repels liquids: Ultra-Ever Dry creates a splash-back effectNew paint repels liquids: Ultra-Ever Dry creates a splash-back effect


Paints have come a long way in recent years. Their primary purpose at one time was to brighten or freshen up an environment and to perhaps help seal surfaces and materials. A coat of paint on wood can lengthen its life by years or keep metals from rusting. Paint priming products can kill mold and block stains, and there's even an anti-bacterial paint out now for reducing the number of hospital-related infections.

This new product could be useful in home-related situations, too, where germs are a genuine problem for people with lowered immune systems. But earlier this summer a new paint was tried out in San Francisco with an entirely different purpose in mind. It's a paint made for repelling liquids, and you'll never guess why that good city wanted it.


Drinking often leads to fuzzy thinking: Just add alcohol . . .Drinking often leads to fuzzy thinking: Just add alcohol . . .


Public Urination

Sadly, public urination has reached epic proportions. This is due to a number of factors, one of which is rising homeless rates. But that's not the only reason people decide to "let it fly" in public. Often times public urination is associated with alcohol consumption. That's right. It seems the expression "just add water" should be changed to "just add alcohol and watch the stupidity begin." That's because many men that become inebriated end up urinating outside between the establishment they were imbibing at and their vehicles or homes.

That's not to say women don't exhibit this behavior from time to time, too, but they can't pee all over a wall — well, if they can, it's gotta be awfully tough and awfully messy. The problem the good folks of San Francisco, CA, were having, though, concerns men urinating on public buildings.


San Francisco, CA: The City by the Bay has found a way to keep its streets cleanerSan Francisco, CA: The City by the Bay has found a way to keep its streets cleaner


Repellent Paint

Besides the stench and the fact it's a health concern, illegal and just plain gross, constant urination on any material can end up breaking it down. The City by the Bay actually had a light pole corroded so badly by urine it fell down on a car, true story. So, faced with the growing problem, the city leaders began looking for ways to fix it. That's when they came across a brilliant product by the name of Ultra-Ever Dry from a Florida-based company that not only repels pee, but it splashes it back on the source.

Yes, you read that correctly. Once a surface is coated with this paint, anyone who pees on it will end up wearing their own urine. Not a very savory thought, but a very good deterrent, nonetheless. If you're wondering how good of a deterrent, read on.


Ultra-Ever Dry: Clear coat for sealing materials and repelling liquidsUltra-Ever Dry: Clear coat for sealing materials and repelling liquids


Keeping Cities Clean

Keeping large cities clean is a constant battle. Just ask Kevin Sporer, superintendent of the building repair bureau in San Francisco where reportedly there were 375 requests to steam clean urine from sidewalks and other areas between January and July of 2015. Since the city began using this repellent paint in July, Sporer says the new paint is really paying off. “There’s a lot less activity, and the result is noticeable,” Sporer told the New York Post.

The cost of the paint and the labor to apply it cost only a few hundred dollars, which is negligible compared to the $80 an hour to steam clean walls and sidewalks. Multiply that by eight hours a day and you can quickly figure how pricey the problem is.


Hamburg, Germany: Hamburg city officials first tried Ultra-Ever DryHamburg, Germany: Hamburg city officials first tried Ultra-Ever Dry


Success Story

While the idea in San Francisco originated with another success story in Hamburg, Germany's St. Pauli quarter, where walls are painted with the clear, barrier-type coating, it seems other cities are following suit since hearing about the Bay Area's success story. That's because public urination is by no means limited to California. It's actually a problem all over the world. That means Ultra-Ever Dry could soon be a multi-million-dollar invention and eventually a billion-dollar invention. Due to its cost, it wouldn't be surprising if it already is. It is by no means cheap, but once applied it repels water, oil and other "liquids."

The company also claims the product offers superior coating adherence, abrasion resistance and anti-icing, anti-corrosion and anti-contamination properties and that it is basically self cleaning. All of these features have the makings of a very successful product for one very successful inventor.