Replica Tian'anmen Gate Crafted from Human Hair

What's hairy, forbidden, and red all over?  Why, it's this replica Tian'anmen Gate built entirely out of leftover hair clippings! (Sorry, I hope I didn't disappoint any Anne of Green Gables fanboys out there.)

Chinese hair-dresser extrordinnaire Huang Xin needed 24 pounds of discarded human hair to complete the monumental task, which took about five months to complete. Huang apparently began making replicas last year during the Olympics when he was inspired to show his patriotism by building hairy versions of the Olympic Stadium and the Water Cube, as well as the Olympic torch and rings. But this hairy Tian'anmen gate is his masterpiece.

No word on what he plans to do with the structure now that it's finished. But I hear there are little elves running around inside baking hair pie for any tiny visitors that might drop by.


Hairy Forbidden GateHairy Forbidden Gate



Cheers to Ray Kwong on Twitter for directing me to this story on China Daily.